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1LT Jordan Henrickson


Founder | Executive Director of American Flag Journey

Jordan was born and raised in west central Wisconsin, America's Dairyland.  He enlisted in the Wisconsin Army National Guard in 2009 with the passion to give back to veterans who have sacrificed so much for this country.  Programs like the American Legion's Badger Boys State helped Jordan to find his calling for public service.  Jordan also served as a volunteer EMT and Training Center Coordinator for the Wabasha Ambulance Service, teaching CPR, EMR, and EMT classes while earning his Bachelors of Science from Winona State University where he was awarded the Distinguished Young Alumni Award. 

Jordan earned his commission as an Infantry Officer from the Eagle Battalion Army ROTC Program in 2014.  He entered active duty at Fort Benning, Georgia that same year, to begin his Officer training.  He transferred to Fort Bliss, TX, where he held positions as Rifle Platoon Leader, Mortar Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer, and Company Commander.  He also established a Soldier-Student mentorship program and taught high-altitude science at a local middle school where he volunteered much of his time.  In the fall of 2017, Jordan earned his Masters of Professional Studies from The George Washington University. in 2018, he transferred to Fort Sill, Oklahoma to complete the Army's Air Defense Artillery training, took Command of an Air Defense Battery, leading his forces in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

During his time at Fort Bliss, Jordan established an American Flag program where he personally purchased and gifted an American Flag to each of his noncommissioned officers (NCO) upon their ETS/PCS from the unit.  This program was inspired by the flag Jordan received and decided to have travel the world.  he had each of these flags flown over the Pentagon in the parting NCO's honor, presenting the flag and the framed certificate of authenticity to each of them on their last day in the unit.  When he presents the flag, He encouraged his Soldiers to "start their own journey."  To date, Jordan has presented 67 American Flags to Soldiers he has worked with and plans to continue this tradition for the rest of his Army career.

CPT Jordan Henrickson with the world's most traveled flag
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