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Have an idea of where to fly the flag?  Reenlistment | Promotion | Retirement | Patriotic Event  

Complete and submit the form below and our team will review your request for consideration!  Please complete the form as accurate and complete as you can.  This ensures your request is processed in a timely fashion and avoids being automatically denied.  

You have the option of making a tax deductible donation that helps offset the shipping costs, however, a donation is NOT required for approval; it is just helpful for us to complete our mission.  

Please read over the list of countries the flag has already flown over.  Countries the flag has yet to fly over have priority.  The ten countries below under the Wish List have priority over any mission.

We receive over 250 flag requests each year, so please be patient with us. 

Wish List

Algeria | Somalia | Lebanon | Azerbaijan  | Armenia |

 Vietnam | Pakistan | Spain ( March 2022) Venezuela

Flag's Next Availability: 

September 17, 2021

If your request is approved, the POC who flies the flag will receive two of our coins, a discount on our AFJ shirt, receive credit in our social media posts, and earn a spot on our Wall of Gratitude!

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AFJ Coin Back.png
AFJ Coin Front.png
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