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Discover more fascinating details about the epic American flag journey Below!

Q: What is the goal of American Flag Journey?

A: The original goal of AFJ was to just have an American flag sent to a few countries and then hang it up on the wall.  Then, it turned into trying to fly it over all seven continents.  Then, it became a goal to send it to every country on Earth (aim high, right?).  Now, the goal has become much more than just the epic flag.  The goal of this organization is veteran advocacy and to improve the quality of live of our veterans, service members, and their families.

Q: Is it one flag or a journey of multiple flags?

A: This is a common question and misunderstanding, but the journey is about exact same, one single flag that is traveling the world. 

Q: Where is the flag now?

A: Puerto Rico

Q: How many countries has the flag flown over?

A: 50 (and counting)

Q: How big is the flag?

A: 5ft x 8ft

Q: What material is the flag?

A: Cotton

Q: Where was the flag made?

A: Proudly in The United States of America

Q: What is the American Flag Journey Coin?

A: in 2018, The American Flag Journey coin is a coin that was created and is presented to those who lead the charge for flying the flag at their specific location or for those who exhibit excellence and go above and beyond to help our organization one of the best veteran advocacy organizations in the world!  Challenge coins are a military tradition dating back to Roman times when soldiers were recognized for their achievements from their senior leadership.  The tradition was carried on and further solidified during World War I and World War II, and have since become very common for most military units, political figures, and first responder agencies.

Q: How many people work for AFJ?

A: Currently, 11.  100% volunteer with a mix of civilian and military. 

Q: How much does it cost to send the flag across the world?

A: WE started out shipping the flag using the United States Postal Service (USPS), and still do for certain missions.  It costs about $27 roundtrip to send the flag domestically or to a country with an APO, DPO, or FPO address available.  Internationally, it can range from $70 to $300 roundtrip depending on the country.  So far, shipping costs have been around $2,492.  With strategic planning on how we route plan the flag's next location, we have saved over $3,120!

Q: Where is american flag journey's headquarters located?

A: Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Q: How do you plan the locations the flag is flown?

A: Planning the flag's deployments, as we call them, is not easy.  We typically plan the flag's deployment schedule between 8 to 14 months in advance. Locations vary on who we know and or who reaches out to us, where they are located, and the time they will be at that location.  We then prioritize locations based off those factors.  As the flag keeps moving from country to country, it becomes more difficult to plan for countries, this is when we start "American Embassy Tours," where the flag travels from one United States Embassy to the next until a new location is planned.  So far, the flag has completed one American Embassy Tour, primarily in Europe where it flew over 11 consecutive embassies.  

Q: What is the most unique location the flag has flown?

A: It is a tie between:

  • the South Pole, Antarctica on 10 January 2017


  • the summit of Mount Everest, Nepal on 22 May 2018

Q: Can I request locations to send the flag?

A: YES!  WE encourage followers to submit location requests to fly the flag.  It is very simple, just click on this Flag Request form, complete the form, and submit it online.  We try to accommodate all requests, but there are times when we simply cannot due to the timing, the point of contact at the requested location, and the feasibility of the location.  When you complete the request, You have the option to donate to help offset the cost of shipping.  Donating is NOT required for approval, it just helps us allocate those funds to our mission.  Decisions on requests are returned within 5 business days of submission. 

Q: What happens when you run out of locations to fly the flag?

A: We won't ;)

Q: What is American Flag Journey's political stance?

A: Simply put, We support the rights and well-being of all Americans and we will continue to improve our communities in every legal, ethical, and moral way we can.  

Q: What is the plan to have the flag flown in North Korea?

A: We've thought about that for a long time and we actually do have a plan to have the flag in North Korea in 2020.

Q: What is the best way to get involved?

A: Currently, the two best ways to help us accomplish our goal is to share our story and our organization and donate. Social media is a very powerful tool and we appreciate any love our followers can give us.  Our Facebook and Instagram pages can be found at both the top and bottom of this page.  we now have the ability to accept donations online.  These Donations go toward our annual scholarship program for veterans and current members of the military, our civilian transition financial assistance program, our Gold Star Family program, and our Badger Boys State sponsorship program.  You can make a donation here!

Q: What exactly is the Chris M. Harris Scholarship?  What is the criteria?

A: The Chris M. Harris Scholarship is a $2,500 scholarship awarded annually to one veteran or member of the military.  Applications are available as the first scholarship will be awarded this fall, applications submitted before the application window will not be accepted.  In order to qualify, you must have either served or continue to serve honorably for at least three years, active or reserve.  Any rank and MOS/AOC is eligible to apply.  Your military status is verified after the submission of your application.  WE make each application blind (name, address, rank, school information is all removed) before moving the application forward.  The application then goes to a board composed of five officers and noncommissioned officers, who vote and select who the awardee is for that year.  In the future, we are hoping to award two scholarships annually and continue to raise the scholarship amount. Find out more information here

Q: What is best way to contact American Flag Journey?

A: The best way to get a hold of us is to check out our contact page, and drop us a note.  We will always reply to messages we receive online, it may take a few days as we receive a lot of inquiries, so please be patient.

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